Blaisdell Consulting, LLC

Ken Blaisdell established Blaisdell Consult after a long and varied career in university, business, and nonprofits. He assists leaders of nonprofit organizations in assessing their organization's strengths and weaknesses, setting and managing expectations, developing compelling cases for support, and designing and implementing campaign and leadership and board structures needed to raise funds needed.

Kenneth C. Blaisdell, PhD, President and Principal

Kenneth C. Blaisdell, PhD, President and Principal

Blaisdell & Hudson

The Blaisdell & Hudson partnership provides nonprofit organizations expert, affordable solutions to build and maintain high functioning employee environments critical to mission success.  By means of document review and personal interviews, we will rapidly assess your Human Resources status, present a detailed report, and propose a two-step solution to bring your organization into compliance, as well as assign an experienced HR professional on a cost-effective fractional basis to manage your ongoing HR needs. In addition, we provide executive and professional search and placement services, utilizing our extensive relevant expertise, far-reaching personal networks, leading edge recruiting technology, and intelligent strategies.

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